Saturday, April 23, 2011

the last letter (for this year, anyway)

Dear FVAs:

YOU'VE OFFICIALLY MADE IT! You've survived your first year of college! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm unbelievably proud of the Foundation Visual Arts Class of '11, and that's all I'll say because there are no words in existence that fully express how happy I am for the FVAs.

I'll never forget how happy I was to be done with FVA year: that year was so stressful (but rewarding), and half the time I didn't know which way was up. Once it was over, I was finally able to relax. And I'll never forget the mad dash to get my portfolio in: the due date was the last day of class, and I had to have my photos retouched by Karen--as did everyone else. I was all in a tizzy, and wanted to get it done as soon as possible--which was quicker then the touchups could realistically be done.

Once all three photos were done, I dashed up to the registrar's office (the registrar that year was Louise Neveu), dropped it off, and went to get my stuff at the residence. Only after I handed the portfolio in did I breathe properly again.

During the last Photography Media Explorations class this year (last Friday), I wouldn't be surprised if you guys were feeling the crunch. I could hear the chatter, and Karen and various FVAs were flitting around, getting last-minute things done. Well, we can now officially say that it is done! (((HUGS TO ALL THE FVAS))) Now all you have to do is pick up your portfolio. And wait for your final transcript and, if you're applying for the diploma program, your letter of acceptance.

Which brings me to my next point: if you've applied to Photography and you're accepted, be prepared to laugh when you get your letter, which will be from one of the coolest people in the school: Peter Gross. Peter is one of those people who, if he can add in some humour, he will. When I got my letter, the class was made up of ten women, and Peter wrote "If you know any good men out there who are interested in photo, let us know. :)" By the time classes started, three guys had joined the class (one of whom is an Integrated Media major).

So as we come to the end, I wish you guys the very best. Have a blast this summer, and when those letters from the college arrive, good luck and I hope you get into your first choice!

Love (and hope to see you next year),
FVA Class of 2010, Photography Class of 2012

Me at the opening of tableau. Photo by WhiteFeather. I meant to include it in my last post.

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