Monday, January 3, 2011

second semster, here. I. COMMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of the second semester. I have to admit I'm excited. I can't wait to see my classmates and teachers again. And I finished last semester strongly: my lowest mark was an eighty--and the highest was a hundred (average mark: ninety). Yes, really.

Like last year, I spent the break staying up late, sleeping in, hanging out with my parents, listening to opera (the Met's first radio broadcast was on the eighteenth), playing The Nutcracker at the same time as the BSO (I finally finished it--and then burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed), celebrating Christmas to the max, dancing (I got Charlotte Church's CD Back to Scratch, which I've been dancing to ever since), photographing, reading, cooking, skiing, snowshoeing...

Because I don't really have anything else to write about due to the fact that the semester hasn't started yet (twelve hours to go), I want to write another letter to the FVAs:

Dear FVAs:

You made it through the first semester--congratulations again. The worst is now officially over.

I have to admit I loved the second semester: I felt like I actually had time to breathe, which was a beautiful thing after the drama and non-stop go-go-go of the first semester. And you guys have Creative Process this semester!!! I had it in the first semester, which I don't think was the greatest idea: I was getting a feel for the school and getting used to college as a whole at that time. And during my Textiles Media Explorations the catch-phrase was, "now that you know colour theory..." Yep, I'm glad they changed it.

Anyway: Creative Process. When I say that it'll change your life, I mean it: this course will change. your. life. My final mark was Dismal (yep, a D--ouch), but it did change me and open me up to new concepts, new ways of thinking about creativity, and it was the first time that I was really tugged out of the creative rut that I'd unknowingly wedged myself into years ago (I'm still in said rut, but I'm trying to free myself bit by bit). I had Denise Richard. Yow. Once I got used to her and her quirks (during the first half-hour of my first C.P. class), I never looked back. I now think she's one of the coolest people in the whole school (I knew there was a reason why she shares an office with Janice Wright-Cheney and Adam--who also taught C.P. last semester).

And yes, I'm super-excited for you guys.

You also get--wait for it--life drawing this semester!!! If you're nervous, I don't blame you: I was, too. But then I just got used to it. We all do it. Denise has a really amusing story about this old guy who was modelling for a class she took. I can't remember the specifics, but it was hilarious.

And brace yourselves for 3D Design. It's not as brutal as 2D Design (though it's still tough): after the first assignment (due in a week), most of the assignments take two weeks to complete. I look forward to seeing the assignments in the studio and on the walls (mmm, cardboard...). I also have a class in that studio this semester (Design: Shaping Space on Friday afternoons).

Here's to an awesome winter semester for all of us--FVAs and diploma students (go Photogs!) alike! Let's rock this thing!


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