Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letter to the FVAs: Finals Season

Dear FVAs:

I intended to write this over the weekend, but I was too busy dealing with final assignments. You know how it is: you're living it right now.

Mostly, I want to encourage you--I remember how brutal finals were when I was an FVA. I want you to know that even though it feels like it will never end, it will. You will come out the other end (known as Christmas Break). And you'll have three weeks in which to decompress, de-stress and prepare for next semester. Remember that when you're racing through the first third of Launching the Imagination in preparation for your 2D Design exam (which I believe is this week, yes?). Remember that when you're trying to remember colour facts for your Colour Theory exam. Remember that when you're trying to finish what feels like a couple thousand assignments, and are wondering whether you'll get them done on time (you will).

Congratulations on surviving the first semester. I strongly encourage you to come back for the second--and graduate in the spring. I know some of you won't make it to May--and that some of you have probably dropped out already--but I still recommend strongly that you stick around. And I'll let you know that the second semester is a lot easier than the first.

Good luck! And as my mom says, "remember to breathe!"

FVA Class of 2010, Photography Diploma Class of 2012

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