Wednesday, October 19, 2011

letter to the FVAs: on the first panel assessment of the year

Dear FVAs:

It's that time of year again: the first panel assessment of the year is this Friday. Whoopee! ...or not. If things are anything like they were in '09, when I did my first panel assessment, the teachers are telling you over and over that you don't have to be nervous--but you're still nervous as heck. So although I'm no longer nervous about panel assessments (we diploma students have one in the winter semester), I won't tell you to not be nervous. If you are nervous, that's totally okay and understandable. I get it. I was there.

I read the handout during break in my drawing class on Monday evening. I see that my then-academic adviser, now-drawing teacher Adam MacDonald's group is in room 4005, which is where he was during my first panel assessment (though his group is in the afternoon, rather than the morning, like my group--jealous). I'll never forget that day: rushing around trying to find everything, and lugging it all up to the fourth floor. The rooster from Ceramics may have been awesome, but let's face it: he was a beast to lug. That's why the elevator was invented, people!

Even though I haven't needed to since May 2010, I read the handout about FVA/AVA panel assessment every time there's one coming up. I check to see what you guys are required to bring--which doesn't change much from one year to the next, but I still check it--and I check to see where Adam's group will be. And on the day itself, if I'm in the downtown area in the morning, I treat myself (I don't know if I will this year, as I don't have class on Fridays and therefore take the opportunity to sleep in--maybe I'll have breakfast at Sweet Belgian Desire). Cheesy as it may sound, I think about you guys during every spare moment that day.

In closing, good luck, try not to become a stressed-out mess--but if you do, as my mom would say, "breathe!"

FVA Class of '10, Photography Diploma Class of '12

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