Friday, December 17, 2010

end of the semester

Another semester in the bag. And what a ride it was! I had my final assessments on Monday and Tuesday, and both went well. I had to do some extra work to finish a couple of assignments in Communications, which Karen made me do right then and there, but I didn't mind--it meant that the work would be over and done with before Christmas break. I won't be able to get the list of marks until January (it's ready now, but I don't plan on going back to F'ton until a day or so before the winter semester starts). Mom picked me up afterwards, and I did last-minute packing before we headed home.

Since our normal route was closed due to flooding (Charlotte County, as well as Fredericton and some other areas, recently had a lot of rain and many people have lost their homes, especially in St. George), Mom and I went home via Saint John, which meant that it was supper time by the time we drove in the yard.

The next day (the fifteenth) was her birthday, which meant cooking up a storm. That evening I went out and photographed the lights that she'd strung up about a month ago. I'm really happy with the results (see below).

Yesterday was Beethoven's birthday--he'd be 240. I celebrated by listening to some of his music.

I also made a batch of Santa Lucia (pronounced "loo-SEE-ah" in Scandinavian countries, "loo-CHEE-ah" in Italy) Buns. Ever since I read about them in Kirsten's Surprise about fifteen years ago, I'd wanted to make them.

This morning Mom and I did some shopping and then I spent the afternoon decorating the tree. I think that this year's tree is our most thoroughly decorated--ever. I plan on taking some photos soon.

Tomorrow is the Met's first radio broadcast of the season (finally): Don Carlo by Verdi, and there's going to be a holiday program called An Operatic Holiday with Suzanne Nance on half an hour before (both on Maine Public Radio), which I'll listen to. It's one of three programs on MPBN TV or radio that I'll watch or listen to (A Christmas Concert from Norway on TV and a reading of A Christmas Carol on radio are the other two).

And there are still presents to wrap, carols to play on violin (as well as the first two pieces and the entire second act of The Nutcracker, which will finish what I started last year and have been hinting at for several years prior), a couple of stop-motion movies to make, skiing to do (WE FINALLY HAVE ENOUGH SNOW!!!!!), and a snow angel to make. And they call it Christmas "break"... **rolls her eyes**

Blessed Yule (i.e., solstice)! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!!!

Sugarplum Fairies (a reference to Disney's Fantasia)

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