Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sad news

A quick entry before I go to bed.

I just found out that Natasha Richardson has died (I had to do that one last check on the news). I'm crying as I write this--I can't imagine what her family and Liam are going through right now. God bless and be with them all. May God surround them all with It's Light, comfort, compassion, love, and understanding. :'-(

March 19: PS TIME has a photo gallery of her life. The obit that they wrote last night (see link above) is absolutely beautiful and extremely well written.

Also March 19: PPS Here's an article from explaining what caused her death.

I'm watching a couple of scenes from The Parent Trap and I'm laughing and crying at the same time--this was the only movie that I saw her in, but talk about good acting. The scene where she's drunk and meets Nick (Dennis Quaid) again is absolutely hilarious--even at a time like this. I'm trying not to laugh but that's next to impossible. I wouldn't be surprised if she would've wanted me to laugh.

March 19 (yet again): PPPS Yet more bombardment (that's one of the ways in which I deal during something like this): here's the New York Times' obit, which gives a run-down of her life.

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