Saturday, December 19, 2009

the past three weeks

As I'm three weeks behind, I'll do my best to get caught up, but I don't know if I'll include everything simply because once again my life's been a whirlwind (college can do that to ya).

On the sixth the PBSO played a concert in St. Andrews and I went home specifically for that. As usual the concert was wonderful (though I wasn't a fan of the Lumberjack Song), but there was a surprise: I came away with a new favourite orchestra. That brings the number back up to three.

I also spent that weekend reading like crazy since I had a test in 2D Design the following Thursday and I needed to read four (looong) chapters. I don't think I did too badly on the test--at times, reading the book felt like a refresher.

The next week was assessment week. Originally it was supposed to be this past week, but they shuffled the schedule around so that the school year was one week shorter. As a result we had several history lectures that ended with a quiz (usually we're given a week to study). In most of my classes I did quite well, but my final project for Creative Process wasn't quite there. As I put it, "good, but..." I wasn't really happy with my final project for 2D Design, but it was one of those that I crammed in between doing other things.

Once my last class (Fashion Design) was over, even though I still had panel assessment, I went into Christmas break mode.

On Saturday I went to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. Tom had told me that by the time I came back from break the French Impressionists exhibit would be over. Since NBCCD has corporate membership with the BAG, all students get in free with student ID. For the Impressionists exhibit it costs two dollars.

That afternoon I started my Christmas shopping--or tried to.

I also listened to the Met's first radio broadcast of the season (Il Trittico). When they played O mio babbino caro (see previous post) I burst into tears because the music was so beautiful and because I was finally listening to it in context.

On Sunday Liz and I went to the Regent Mall and did some Christmas shopping before going to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The movie was better than Twilight until the end, which was very abrupt.

That evening I made most of the cards that I planned to send.

The next day I continued my Christmas shopping and spent about four hours on my feet--without a break. But it was worth it because Mom's stocking is going to smell really good!

Wednesday was panel assessment, which was okay, but I wasn't very happy with the results. When I got home (via taxi because the windchill had dropped to an unbearable temperature--even when a large Vanilla White Hot Chocolate from Second Cup was included) I started packing, which I continued the next day.

Mom picked me up at MJC on Thursday. That evening I realized just how much I missed Tom's jokes, which are hilarious.

Yesterday I braved the windchill (again) and brought the tree that Mom had cut into the house after sawing several inches off the top and bottom. I spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon decorating it and was surprised when I was done at around two--last year I was at it all day. Then again, this year we had restrictions on what we could put on the tree since we don't know how Baxter will react to the whole thing. While I was decorating, he tried to climb the tree.

In the evening I wrapped presents and sorted out what would go under the tree and what would go into Mom's stocking.

Today I plan to listen to the Met's radio broadcast (Les Contes d'Hoffmann), read, finish the gingerbread cookies that I started last night, play the March from The Nutcracker at roughly the same time that the Bangor Symphony's playing it (break a string, Lynn and Molly!), and enjoy being with my parents--and try to get used to the fact that I don't have to leave on Monday!

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