Thursday, February 18, 2010

March Break: we're almost there!

Things are starting to wind down in preparation for mid-term assessment week next week and MARCH BREAK the week after. Yes, I'm excited--but I'll fill the week not by going to Mexico, but by going home and gorging myself on my favourite music on a good sound system (hello, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra French horn section **swoons**). Maybe a few other things (like hanging out with Mom and Tom), but I intend on keeping it low-key.

This semester my drawing class has been doing life drawing. Yes, that means that we're drawing a nude model (a woman in our case). In the beginning I was a bit nervous, but I've gotten used to it--it's one of those things that all art students have to go through, no matter where you go to school. It also makes for good stories to tell your friends and your kids.

For five or six years I've had an idea for a piece of music going around in my head and a few weeks ago I finally decided that this summer I would commit to writing it. The current concept is that it'll be an autobiographical piece. I also want to push myself to the limit and try to make it as complex and advanced as I can--even if it means doing a few things that I don't quite have a handle on. I figure, I'll either learn, or I'll ditch the idea in question. I also want to make it longer then four lines, which is my current average.

Back in November I really made my views about the Olympics known. Well, guess what--last Friday night I stayed up until three in the morning watching the opening ceremony with about half of MJC. I couldn't believe how emotional I got when Canada entered BC Place: I actually cried on Liz's shoulder. (Though I didn't like how CTV kept tossing in commercial breaks--even if they only contained one ad--every ten minutes or so)

Earlier this month I found out the PBSO will be performing in late-April and early-May--just as I'm coming home from my first year at NBCCD! It's like getting a fanfare to welcome me home. YAY, PBSO! I love that orchestra.

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  1. While you strive to compose something bigger and more complex than ever before, also remember good old K.I.S.S. Let your structure, the armature of it, be simple enough that the harmonies and ornamentation can enhance, not obfuscate. I hope to hear your piece eventually!

    So says great-auntie Helen