Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter--and the Photography Studio??

First and foremost, the book cover. I submitted it on Thursday.

I'm super-happy with it and probably could've tweaked it into oblivion.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 on Friday evening. I managed to avoid the line and the show that I saw (six o'clock) was a bit sparse considering that it was the opening weekend of HP7--and the beginning of the end for us Potter fans (there were a number of empty seats). **sniffle**

The movie was pretty darn good and definitely one of the best Potter movies. However, I could tell that they were definitely going for the "coming at you" effect--the movie was supposed to be released as a 3D movie, but they didn't get Part 1 converted in time. Part 2 will be released in both 3D and 2D. However, if the trailer that'll released a few months from now looks anything like the current trailers (there are three of them), I'll see it in 2D because even in 2D Part 1 was almost too much for me. There were times when I was genuinely scared senseless (to put it in a printable way)--and I'm never really scared when I watch an HP movie: I've read the books and know them backwards and forwards and will gobble up any info I can find about the series (Dumbledore's gay? Fine with me.). In one scene Nagini (You-Know-Who's snake and one of the horcruxes--for those who haven't read the books, a horcrux is an object that holds a portion of a person's soul. In the books the way to split a soul is by killing someone, which makes perfect sense to me. You-Know-Who split his soul into seven parts.) goes after Harry, Hermione and Ron in Bathilda Bagshot's house. They eventually kill the snake, but not before giving the audience a good scare: just when you think Nagini's done with the three, she comes back and gives the audience a good scare. I didn't actually see the finale of that scene because I had my head down--it was that scary.

The use of sound as a means of scaring the audience is also used. During some of the dream sequences and visions (You-Know-Who and Harry are connected in several ways and this enables You-Know-Who to have access to Harry's mind), I cringed simply because the sound effects and music were extremely ominous and suggested that something scary might happen.

Some reviews said that the time between the discovery of the locket (another horcrux) and it's destruction should've been shortened because it just takes up time (and paper in the books). I disagree: yes, the three are walking around and not doing much, but they can't always be out saving the day. They need to figure out exactly how to destroy the locket while being on the run from You-Know-Who, who'd like nothing better than to finish Harry off.

As of the seventeenth there's less than a month until the end of term, which is hard to believe. The Fall term has been such a whirlwind of learning and fun that, although it started slowly, it's just whizzed by. I'm more in love with photography and my school than I've ever been before.

The final project for Creativity in Photography is (hold onto your seat) nude photography. Peter told us about it two and a half weeks ago and I finally started recruiting a week after he told us. Some of my classmates had models within a day of putting out the word, but it took me what felt like forever until I got a volunteer.

Said volunteer is a guy named Colby, who lives up the hall from me, across from my old room. He's really excited about it. Like, really excited about it. I've had to remind him that I'll probably have him keep his briefs/boxers/whatever on (we are allowed to do that). We'll be photographing in the basement studio, which, technically, we aren't supposed to use until January (we need to learn how to use the lights, etc., though we've had two lessons already; and due to studio light being so predictable and controllable and therefore tempting to use all the time, we're first shown how to use available light, which is fickle).

My class developed the negatives from the 4x5 camera assignment on Thursday. For that film we had to be in complete darkness the whole time--not just when we loaded the film--because the carriers used to hold the film are basically metal frames that are submerged and agitated in black tubs and the film is exposed the whole time (unlike 35 mm and 120 film, which are rolled onto spools in the dark and are then put in canisters that have lids on the whole time that the film is being developed). While I was developing film in the darkroom with two of my classmates, someone (probably Drew, since he's used 4x5 cameras for years, and developed tons of film) turned the lights down in the studio, which was very considerate because my eyes had completely adjusted to the dark, and to come out into a brightly-lit studio would've been... let's just say "unpleasant."

Although it snowed here for the first time on Halloween, the snow didn't last very long and there was very little of it to begin with. Yesterday it snowed off and on all day and there's still some on the ground. I went downtown and took some photos in the afternoon.

Gallery 78 in the Snow
Snow Day

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