Sunday, January 16, 2011


The Bangor Symphony played Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto this afternoon (as well as his Vocalise and Prokofiev's fifth symphony). I wish I could've somehow zipped down to Bangor to hear it because it's one of my favourite pieces.

This past week was even crazier than the first week--I hope this coming week isn't as crazy. Though I think part of it was caused by the fact that I didn't sleep well two nights in a row and therefor didn't have the energy to deal with assignments. However, yesterday afternoon I managed to get quite a few done--while listening to La Traviata (including dancing to a couple of pieces, one of which the BSO introduced me to). Bonus: the homework situation wasn't as bad as I thought, and as of right now I just have my assignments for Professional Lighting Studio and History to worry about. Oh, and submitting my assignment for Professional Practice (due by 4:00 PM on Tuesday).

But here's what happened this week:

Monday: Photoshop: Professional Techniques: This was my first Photoshop class this semester, and I think it's going to be more challenging than last semester's course (Photoshop: Tools and Techniques) was. I wouldn't be surprised: Tools and Techniques was more of a basics course, introducing us to the tools and things you can do with Photoshop (which is unbelievably powerful). However, I'm looking forward to it and what I'll learn. One of our projects (the big one, worth twenty per cent of our final grade) is an independent study project, where we'll each pick some Photoshop technique to explore in depth.

Tuesday: History: This is where we got the "photograph ten strangers" assignment. Originally it was supposed to be due this coming week, but because going up to someone you don't know and saying, "I'm a photography student at NBCCD, do you mind if I take a photo of you for an assignment?" isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world, Karen gave us two weeks to do it (I started it this afternoon--brrrrr).

Pro Studio: The world of studio photography keeps getting more and more complex: you can do this, this, and this--oh, and you can do this--to modify how much light you want, or how that light is reflected/how it looks on the model/object! This week we were introduced to grids, and we're to use them in one of the two assignments we have this week.

Wednesday: Re-Presenting Ideas: I was really tired on Wednesday, which I wasn't happy about. We presented our first target photos, which were critiqued--and then we had to do a second shoot. I reshot both my ideas, but I was happy with only one of the ideas.

Professional Practice: This week we had our first Skype "visit"--Noel Chenier. Noel also gave us a couple of assignments: a "stand-alone" photo (a photo that doesn't go with a specific news story) and an environmental portrait. Although I did the assignment, I still have to write captions and submit the photos (online).

Thursday: Lab Techniques: Thursdays are going to be fun (sarcasm intended). Honestly, my pack hasn't been that heavy since first semester of FVA, when I had three classes on Tuesdays. Blame it on a five-pound computer. But otherwise I kind of like having a class that's basically a study period. That day I finished my Photoshop homework (retouching portraits) and re-shot one of my targets (I did the other one yesterday afternoon).

That evening we had a party for the studio at one of the bars in the Capitol Complex. It was fun, except for the fact that the music was so loud that I couldn't really hear what people were saying. And the fact that a couple of the other students kept telling me to have another drink. I didn't give in, though: when I say that I stop at one drink (no matter what it is), I mean that I stop at one drink. And it's a waste of time to try to get me to change my mind.

Friday: Once again I went to school in the morning, but this time it wasn't worth it--I ended up doing nothing.

Shaping Space: Turns out it's a 3D design class. Hmm... Even after a lengthy conversation with my mom (who took two years of sculpture--and she, too, works in 2D) and a couple of friends on Facebook, I still don't quite see the connection between 3D and photography.

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  1. Maybe the 3D design is just to stretch your brain more - and maybe you will find out its usefulness by the end of the semester - and if you do, please let us know!