Sunday, April 17, 2011

what do you do when there's nothing to do...

This weekend is about as different from last weekend as it could get: whereas last weekend was pure stress-induced nonstop work, this weekend I have hardly anything to do: a few things that need tweaking before being handed in, and I need another mat cut (DREWWWWWWW!!!!!!), but other than that, I don't really have anything to work on. I was thinking about taking my camera out for a spin today, but it's really rainy and miserable, and I don't want to wreck my camera.

This is probably my least favourite part of the school year: just about everything's in, leaving me with a lot of free time--free time that I'm not used to. How the heck do I fill it!?

Monday: We did more work on the magazine, and I'm pretty much done my six pages. We also got marks back (all but the magazine have been submitted), and mine are pretty good.

Tuesday: Rod went over our KnowCharge ads, and critiqued them. The main issue with mine was that the box needed to be bigger, and the colour needed more saturation. Done and done. And submitted. And no other assignments this week.

History was mainly finishing things up for the show (Karen's in charge of it), and going over final assignments (like interviewing a photographer--more on that later).

Wednesday: Another group meeting with Peter, this time about presentation of our finished projects. For mine, I'm going to pick out the best of the best and put them together in a portfolio, with a description of what I did for each one.

In the afternoon, Oliver Flecknell (the last visitor for Pro Practice, who works at the UNB Art Centre) visited and critiqued our show posters and invitations. Here's my invitation after the adjustments (the poster is about the same):

Thursday: That afternoon I finally got the interview done. The guy I interviewed, Serge Clément, was happy to do it, and the interview went really smoothly.

Friday: Presentation Day (Design)! I think mine could've been a bit better, but oh, well, it's over.

That day was the final day of Media Explorations, so the studio was a little crazy, with a bunch of FVAs bouncing around and putting the finishing touches on their portfolios.

Yesterday I framed one of my photos. Check out my efforts:

Frame: 24"x36", photo: 20.5"x27.333"
That thing was nothing short of a beast to frame: after I took the above photo, I took the framed photo apart several times to get rid of dust and other stuff that had somehow escaped my cleaning efforts. The outside still needs to be cleaned, but that won't be done until we hang the show tomorrow.

For the first time ever, I deliberately skipped the opera yesterday: let's just say that I'm not an Alban Berg fan. I find his musical language intriguing, but to me, he takes it a bit too far. If he'd only scaled it back a bit, then I might like it. In case you're wondering, the opera in question was Wozzeck (pronounced VOT-sec), which has a really dark and fascinating story, minus Berg's music.

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