Monday, January 30, 2012

FVA nostalgia--and it's only been two years

I'm sick. Again. Grrrr... According to Mom, I haven't been sick twice in a row in twenty years. Though there was that time when I was twelve, and I got two colds, one on top of the other. I was sick for months. Oh, well. I'm in much better shape than I was thirty-six hours ago.

Monday: I've officially applied to university!

As a refresher, unless they are connected with a university, colleges don't grant degrees: the highest you can go is a two-year diploma. You can also get a certificate after one year (I have a certificate in Foundation Visual Arts, and I'm currently working my way toward my diploma in photography). If a college is a program within a university--like UNB's Renaissance College--then they can grant a degree. Universities, on the other hand, can grant a four-year degree.

Last week's drawing class was purely one of experimentation, with no real homework--just collect images for the next assignment, which we're starting today.

Tuesday: We did another stop-motion movie for Rod's class. This time, I took advantage of the fact that I now own a couple of camera remotes, and put myself in said movie. My movements were a bit stiff and jerky, but hey--I had to hold each one for about five shots! Overall, I'm happy with it.

Wednesday: My second research project is going to be on digital portfolio options. I found out yesterday that you can get a couple of free plug-ins for Photoshop CS4 that will allow you to make web galleries. The ability to make web galleries is pretty much the only reason why I would want to get Lightroom (when it comes to photo-editing, I'm a bit power-hungry, so Photoshop is right up my alley), so now that I've discovered these plug-ins, that makes buying Lightroom unnecessary. And I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Adobe!

The day before St. Pat's Day is the opening of the second-year Photogs' first show. We'll have two shows this year: that one, and then the grad show at the end of the year. As the first one is only about a month and a half away, we have to work our butts off in order to get the thing off the ground. However, as we've done this before, it should be easier--at least for me. I usually find stuff like that easier the second time around (I'm looking at you, ArtsNB scholarship application, and you, studio lighting class).

Because university is different from college, I decided to ask Karen about those differences, as she went to both NBCCD and Acadia University. We talked for a bit, and then she put me in contact with a guy from St. Stephen who actually went to both NBCCD and NSCAD.

Thursday: That morning, we had the dress-rehearsal for our presentation to PhotoFred. In other words, we presented to the first-year Photogs. I couldn't help but think back to last year when the Class of '11 presented to my class. The presentations went well, though we ended up not having time for a project critique that Peter wanted to do. We're going to do it this week.

As usual, I spent the rest of the day working on homework and my ArtsNB application, and then skyped with Helen in the evening.

Friday: More work: homework and scholarship application.

That morning, I made a point to sit down with a good book. As I was going through a period of nostalgia for the time when I applied to the diploma program, in all it's stress and excitement, I decided to watch the movie that Drew made, showing us FVAs how to document our work for our portfolios. After almost two years of photo courses, I found myself wanting to shout out, "HOT LIGHTS!," "SEAMLESS BACKDROP!," and say, "yep, that makes perfect sense."

Saturday: Sick. Once again. I managed to get a fair amount of work done, but by seven that evening, I was wiped. So I trudged back home through the snow.

Sunday: I can't remember the last time I had such a productive day. I'm usually fairly productive, but not this productive. I basically woke up, got brunch, sat down at my computer for several hours (Gallery homework: thisclose to being done), took a shower, sat down again (Imagery homework: done; Research proposal: done except for proofreading), got supper, sat down again (Photoshop homework: done). Whew! And I'm supposed to be sick, right?

The BSO played a concert yesterday, and The Planets was one of the pieces on the program. The orchestra's Facebook page has been hyping the concert, and has featured a movement from that work every day for the past week. My favourite movement was featured on Wednesday: "'Jupiter, the bringer of Jollity,' usually one of the favorite movements of Holst's 'The Planets.' It's one of ours, anyway!" Mine, too, BSO, mine, too. Click here to see that video.


  1. Would love to see your stop-motion movies. Have you posted them anywhere?

  2. The ones that I did last year are on YouTube. Here's the one that I did for my Photographic Digital Imaging class.

    When I posted it, Mom wanted to know what happened next. I did, too, so over Christmas break I shot a sequel.

    This week's movie is still sitting on my external hard drive and my college computer account.