Sunday, March 11, 2012

home sweet home

I applied to the Bachelor of Applied Arts program this week. That degree is a collaboration between the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton campus and NBCCD: two years at one of the schools and then two years at the other. That means that you only do the first year of the diploma program at NBCCD--though one of my classmates, Anne-Marie, is doing the second year of the diploma because she wanted to.

Monday: I applied to the BAA program. I then emailed NBCCD's registrar, asking her to send a copy of my transcript to UNB's admissions office, though she probably won't check her email until tomorrow. After that, I emailed UNB's registrar, asking whether or not I'd be issued a new student ID number, as I have been living in residence for the last three years, and at the time that I applied the student ID section said that my number was "not yet assigned." I assumed that the number wouldn't change, but I wanted to be sure. The answer: it won't.

Karen emailed my classmates and me the poster and press release for our show that opens this coming week. I emailed it to my parents and a few friends. As I said in my email, "we Photogs are definitely 'Not from Concentrate'."

That evening, I watched about half of a movie that Tom bought recently: The Way, starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez (who also wrote, produced and directed it).

Tuesday: Everyone in the Photography Diploma program has to have a website up and running by the end of the year. I started work on mine that afternoon. Once the site's live, the address will be (I'd link to it, but that link wouldn't go anywhere right now). I'm really happy with it, though when I get back to Fredericton, I'll have to get a few people to sign model releases so that I can use portraits that I took of them on the site.

In the evening, I shot a few tests for a personal video project that I plan to do this summer, and watched the second half of The Way.

Wednesday: Mom and I went cross-country skiing that afternoon.

I emailed Larry, one of my classmates, and asked him to do my portrait for the "about me" page on my website. I have one there--a self-portrait that I took last year--but I want a better one. Sometimes handing over the task of taking the photo to someone else is the best thing one can do. I'm familiar with Larry's work, and I know that I'll get a good result.

Once again, I curled up with The Way.

Thursday: Résumé blitz day. Mom and I had dentist appointments (the usual every-six-months check-up) that morning. I took the first appointment, and then left my résumé and cover-letter in as many places as possible. Let's hope I get a job this summer: I really need a new camera (and money for university).

That afternoon, I had an appointment to get my hair cut, and it's now similar to Emma Watson's and Michelle Williams' pixie styles. And it's the shortest it's ever been. And I love it.

I watched The Way for the last time--for a little while, anyway.

Friday: Although I'd done bits and pieces of homework earlier this week, I really dug in and got stuff done. Meaning, I finished the story-boards for my independent-study project.

Yet again, I curled up with a movie that evening. That time, I dug out Amadeus (director's cut), as the Met would be performing Don Giovanni, which was featured in the movie, on Saturday. Besides, I hadn't watched Amadeus in way too long.

Saturday: I spent part of the afternoon writing the gallery show review for Gallery as a Market Place--due on the twenty-eighth--and I'm officially a little more than half-way done (I have to write about eight-hundred words).

Sunday: Today's been a hodge-podge day, as I've been getting little things done. Amadeus: finished, laundry: done, website: critiqued by Tom. I'll pack this evening.

Because a. this piece is nothing more nor less than EPIC, and b. the BSO is playing it today, here's the fourth movement from Tchaikovsky's fourth symphony. I would give just about anything to have Lynn, Trond, and the rest of the BSO's violinists blow my mind with this piece. And to hear them rock those high notes. I think it should go on the list of reasons why the violin is one of my favourite instruments--right next to the Bangor Symphony's violin section itself. Okay, I'll stop gushing. Enjoy.

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