Monday, March 26, 2012

you know you're a photographer when... high-speed flashes are the way to your heart

I have another surprise this week! But you'll have to wait until the end to read about it.

Monday: Imagery was mostly taken up with presentations. As I wrote an essay instead of doing an oral presentation, I just had hand it in. Afterward, I got started on my final project for that course.

I then shot photos for the first part of my project for Peter's class, as that part of the video is stop-motion.

That night was byelection night in Toronto-Danforth, which was Jack Layton's riding.

Tuesday: As usual, I checked the news first thing that morning: "Jack Layton’s former riding will remain NDP orange after rookie candidate Craig Scott easily won Monday’s byelection [...]." 'Nuff said. GO NDP!

The End is officially in sight, and this week Drew gave us our final Photoshop assignments. We're doing independent-study projects, and almost immediately I decided to do mine on Photoshop CS5 (the most recent release) and CS6 (which is due out soon--and Adobe employees and other Photoshop geeks are already talking about the features and improvements that it'll have). As I'm running CS4, I'll use the copy of CS5 that's on one of the computers in the Photo Studio. I'm going to turn on the "What's New in CS5" feature and try out the things that it highlights.

Wednesday: That day was "the warmest March day in recorded history for many of Canada's major cities, [and] it was also warmer than any April day at St. John, New Brunswick." In F'ton, the highest temperature was close to 30˚C/86˚F, and as an environmentalist, warning bells were going off in my head loud enough to drown out all three of my favourite orchestras. It should not be +27˚C/80˚F in March. If that isn't proof that global warming is here (and not some thing that won't rear it's head for another generation or two), I don't know what is. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox.

In Gallery as a Market Place, we discussed how the opening went down, and things that could be improved for next time. I won't say anything more, as Karen swore us to secrecy on some of the things that we covered.

Thursday: That day (another record-setting hot one), we didn't have class. I used the time to get homework done.

Because I've never transferred credits, I talked with Peter about getting more credits transferred from NBCCD to NSCAD. NSCAD will accept up to seventy-five of my credits, and when they accepted me the university awarded me fifty-four credits. Peter suggested that I go through the NSCAD calendar and look for courses that sound similar to ones that I've taken at the craft college, and then present that research to NSCAD.

Later that afternoon, I signed out the college's new Einstein flashes, as the second part of my latest research project was to work with them. To quote my final report for that project, "I was so mind-blown by what I was seeing on my camera's LCD screen that at one point I came close to tears." I was also madly in love with them--I still am, in fact. As you can see in the photo, most of the water was on the table by the time I was done. Because those flashes can freeze motion due to the speed of the flash (which goes as low as 1/3,000 of a second), I'm definitely getting a few if I go into dance photography.

I lightened the photo, as it was a bit dark (need. more. powerful. camera.) and boosted the contrast and clarity (to make the glass and droplets look more defined). Check out the droplet exploding on the table!

Friday: On Thursday, I decided that enough was enough: as I wanted to include some of my portraiture on my website, I needed to have my models sign release forms. So on Friday I went over to Backstreet Records. Eric wasn't in that day, but would be on Saturday. However, I did get one of the forms signed (Peter, in case you're wondering).

That evening, Helen and I had our first chat in several weeks. We talked about the ins and outs of transferring credits, and about some of the things that I've been creating at the school.

Saturday: That day was one of NBCCD's open houses, which they do a couple times a year. I wasn't officially a part of it, but I spent the day studying in the studio. On my way over, I stopped by Backstreet Records again and Eric signed a release form. When I got to school, I got the last form signed by Erin, who's one of my classmates.

I spent a sizable chunk of the afternoon going through NSCAD's academic calendar, looking for courses that could correspond to ones that I've taken at NBCCD. I came up with fifteen more credits, for a total of sixty-nine. I'll go over it again, as I'd like to get credit for at least one of my Photoshop courses and Imagery: Sources and Development, but sixty-nine is still really good.

Throughout the evening, I kept at least one eye on the NDP leadership convention as I worked on my homework, and was thrilled beyond belief when they announced that Thomas Mucair would be the next leader of the party. For the last month or two, Mucair has been the most popular (and best-known) of the candidates, so I'm not surprised that he won. A few months ago he visited UNB, and when I read the (front-page) article in The Brunswickan, I got really excited about him. His views almost perfectly mirrored mine--and this is coming from a woman who is a lot further left than the NDP. If I were a member of the federal party--I am considering joining both the provincial and the federal NDP at some point--I would've voted for him.

Sunday: I didn't get off my butt and over to the college until around three, but once there, I finished up stuff that needed to be finished and proofread what needed to be proofread. I also skyped with Mom: somehow, she'd missed that little fact that I love doing portraiture. And we went 'round and 'round and 'round about the fact that I'm into dance photography, and want to do it professionally. Thankfully, I realize that it won't be easy getting started--but I'm tough, and I won't take "no" for an answer. And I'm not one of those people who takes the easy route and becomes a teacher or something and only goes into art later in life (if at all), which has been the case with some people that Mom has known or taught. When I want to do something, I'll find a way to make it happen, even if making it happen involves taking a long, sometimes tedious, route. I don't expect to do dance photography right away. And then we went 'round and 'round and 'round about NSCAD and finding a place to live.

And now for that surprise: as of Sunday afternoon, my website is LIVE! And it's looking gorgeous. Go check it out if you haven't.

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