Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Letter to the FVAs: FINALS!

Dear FVAs:

It's almost the end of the year. And that means that it's time to bury your noses in your copies of Launching the Imagination in preparation for your 3D Design exam. I wouldn't be surprised if you're pulling your hair out about your final projects.

I wouldn't be surprised if even just the thought is freaking you out right now. But remember that we've got a really good support system here at the college. If you're having problems, you're really stressed out, etc., talk to your teacher.

At least you have your portfolios in. When I did FVA, the portfolios were due on the last day, which meant I was super-stressed. That's probably one of the reasons why the deadline was pushed back: the students had enough on their plates.

Because Spring finals can be brutal (I'm doing surprisingly well, considering how stressful the last two years have been), I will remind you to breathe. Force yourself to relax--even if it's while doing other work. Listen to your favourite music while you glue together Platonic solids (ah, fond memories). I remember listening to the Met's performance of Le Comte d'Ory during a particularly stressful weekend last year. I made sure to let the Met know how much that performance helped me.

So good luck, and although it may not feel like it right now, you will survive the stress, you will come out the other end of finals.

FVA Class of '10, Photography Diploma Class of '12, NSCAD Photography BFA Class of '13 (transfer)

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