Sunday, November 4, 2012

is that Finals Season that I see just up ahead?

Finals Season has finally poked it's head around the corner. **gulp** If there's one thing I learned from FVA year, it's that finals are to be dreaded.

Monday: I spent the afternoon in the photo department, developing film and then doing prints for the self-portrait project, which was due the next day instead of Friday.

Tuesday: After struggling with the self-portrait assignment for what felt like forever, the torture was finally over--and according to the critique, it was worth it.

Wednesday: Those of us who hadn't started the Japanese box (I was one of those people) started it this week.

I went home after class--something that I rarely do. I spent the afternoon adding to my Beyond the Frame project and emailing SUNSCAD's VP Internal, Laura May, because I'm new to the school and I want to introduce myself to the students that I represent. I'd talked with one of the other execs a few days prior and asked her what the best way to reach the most students would be. She suggested the Dispatch, which is a weekly video bulletin that Laura May posts on YouTube.

Thursday: Some of us presented our projects, the rest (including me) will present next week. Bob handed out assignment sheets for the final project, which is an independent-study one, and talked about it. Some of us (including me) hadn't thought about the project and therefore didn't have any ideas. He made appointments with several of us for Friday afternoon.

That evening, I met with Laura May and we recorded my part of the Dispatch. And discussed school and art. And had plenty of outtakes by the time the whole thing was done. If you watch an episode of the Dispatch, yes, she really is that crazy and high-energy in real life! She's going to put together an extra episode that's just the new SUNSCAD people introducing themselves.

Friday: Because Adrian was in Montreal, class was cancelled, which is why we handed our work in on Tuesday, rather than Friday. Me being me, I saw it as an extra day on which to get work done.

That afternoon, I met with Bob in his office in the Academy Building and he helped me come up with a couple of ideas for my final project. I also came up with ideas (on my own) for my next project for Intro, which is a combination of text and photography. The photos will be shot on film, developed, scanned, manipulated in Photoshop and printed using one of the department's Epson printers.

Before I finally crashed, I uploaded my latest project for Beyond the Frame to my Facebook page--my first time displaying work that I've created at NSCAD.

Saturday: I emailed my former teachers at NBCCD, updating them on what I've been up to at NSCAD.

I started the project proposals for Intro Photography and Photography Beyond the Frame.

Sunday: I decided on the sizes for the prints for my Beyond the Frame project (30" x 40"--which will succeed 24" x 36" as the biggest prints I've ever done. I'll be doing two of them.) and put the finishing touches--more or less--on my project proposals.


The next time I write, I'll be done biting my nails over the US election (this one's been the most expensive, drawn-out American election ever, and it's been driving this Canuck nuts for months). I'm tempted to stay up and watch the returns like I did back in '08--that time I was up until 4:30 in the morning, three hours after the election had been called--but because I have Book Arts the next day at 8:30, I won't be able to this time. I've decided to leave my computer on all night so that I can quickly check the results of the presidential election before flying out the door the next morning. After class, I'll check the results of the ballot measures that I'm also biting my nails over: Propositions 34 and 37 in California, marijuana legalization in Colorado, Massachusetts (medical marijuana), Montana (also medical; the question is whether or not the current program should be vetoed and replaced) and Washington State; same-sex marriage in Maine (let's hope it gets a big, fat YES this time--I was not happy when it became illegal four years ago, after being legal for a few months prior), Maryland (civil marriage referendum: "The measure is in response to the enactment of the Civil Marriage Protection Act on March 1, 2012, which will allow same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license in the state beginning January 1, 2013,[1][2][3] and protect clergy from having to perform any particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs."), Minnesota (amendment: if passed, it will define marriage as "between one man and one woman") and Washington State (whether or not it should be legalized); and "death with dignity" in Massachusetts. People say that there's a lot at stake in this election--but they're usually only talking about the presidential race--there's even more at stake when you consider all the other things that are on the ballot in various states. The measures that I listed are only a handful of the things that Americans will be voting on on Tuesday.

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