Monday, November 19, 2012

it's going to be an intense month...

We're officially in Finals Mode. **gulp** But other than that, this week has been fairly uneventful.

Monday: I have no idea what happened, but that day was one of my most productive all semester. I got a lot of work done for my project for Beyond the Frame and skyped with my parents.

Tuesday: As per usual, this week we had a work-in-progress critique, which went well.

Wednesday: I started the next project, which is way easier. It's another book, and I got fairly close to finishing it--I just have to attach the cover. I spent the rest of the day working on my project for Beyond the Frame and printing for Intro Photo.

Thursday: I finally presented my project for Beyond the Frame (that critique also went well). We talked about what we're doing for our final projects, and Bob gave us a "how to survive and pay the bills after NSCAD" lecture (always helpful).

I spent the evening in the printshop, working on my box, and I'm close to finishing that as well. In the process I found out that the Letterpress Gang (a group in Halifax comprised of NSCAD faculty and students and people from the wider community) will be having a Christmas market in a couple weeks. Hello, handmade cards!

Friday: The final critique for the second-to-last(!) assignment. Mine went fairly well: I could've brought the tones up a bit, but other than that I did a good job.

Like Beyond the Frame, the final assignment for Intro Photo is an independent project. Adrian talked about it, and it's the most intense and involved project of the semester (which is typical of finals). We were given the choice of either working in the darkroom or scanning our negatives and working with them in Photoshop, and I chose the latter.

Saturday: I spent waaayyyy too much time procrastinating, but eventually buckled down and got some work done on my Beyond the Frame project.

Sunday: Workworkwork. I shot a roll for my Intro Photo project, developed it and wanted to get it scanned, but by that point it was too late and I needed to get back to my place. Before I left, I developed a contact sheet so that I could see what I had and start to choose images that I wanted to use. I finished the evening by working on the Beyond the Frame project and submitting a photo to Free Coffee, which is an annual publication by NSCAD of student work. Another addition to my CV!

Because the PBSO played one of my favourite pieces this past weekend, and I wish I could've gone to the concert:

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