Sunday, December 2, 2012

can you taste it?

We're down to the last two weeks of the semester. Two weeks from now I'll be cuddling a cat or five, having long conversations with them and my parents, contacting a recently-discovered cousin (also a photog) and sleeping in.

Monday: I spent the entire day working on projects, and finally started to stress about them.

Tuesday: A working class. I spent the afternoon editing photos, and discussed them with Adrian (getting a second opinion more than anything else). One of my classmates, Ken, shot his project during class, and I was one of the volunteers. Let's just say that it's going to be awesome.

Wednesday: We folded, cut and bound the paper for the final project (a large sketchbook).

That afternoon, I shot the third and final roll for my Intro project, developed it and printed a contact sheet.

Thursday: Work-in-progress critique. Mine went pretty well: Bob and my classmates basically said to keep it to info from Canada (I'm doing a 30" x 40" poster about the state of post-secondary education, and I had some stats from the States mixed in with stuff from Canada).

Once again, I spent the evening in the printshop--and I'm now completely caught up on my projects. All I have left are finals.

Friday: I submitted an early-arrival request to the residence office desk at the university where I'm staying.

Another work-in-progress critique, this time for Intro. This one also went well: more than anything, it reaffirmed what I felt about where I was in the project. After the crit (which went a bit longer than Adrian had planned), we flattened our fibre prints and then were free to do whatever we wanted. I scanned part of the roll that I'd shot on Wednesday. That afternoon, I got an email from the university: my request was granted, but my original plan, which involved coming back a few days prior to the start of NSCAD's winter term (January third, '13) was denied. I can move back in on the second.

Saturday: I spent the afternoon in the photo dept., scanning the rest of the negatives from Wednesday's roll, working on my Beyond the Frame project and listening to Christmas music.

Sunday: Once again, I spent the day in the Photo Dept. This time, I edited my photos for Intro. I've decided to focus only on Intro this week: I'm very close to being done my Beyond the Frame project, so I can afford to push it to next weekend. As for Intro, I still have to 1. finish editing photos, 2. print photos, 3. write the artist statement and 4. decide on the order of said photos. I'm so glad we decided to do the Beyond the Frame crit on the thirteenth: my to-do list is full enough as it is.

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