Monday, February 18, 2013

happiness is being home

Reading Week snuck up on me this year--probably because I'm so used to NBCCD's first-week-in-March break.

Monday: Bob and one of the MFA students gave us a rundown of our printing options, specifically paper. The papers that both NSCAD and NBCCD use (Epson Premium Lustre and I can't remember which matte paper because I rarely use matte) are proofing papers: they'll get the job done, but they won't last as long as higher-quality papers.

On my way home, I finally bought my bus ticket.

Tuesday: I spent much of the day at NSCAD, but didn't get as much done as I'd planned. Instead, I spent most of my time there wrestling with my Graphics project. I then took it over to Staples and printed it (Staples will print on a variety of papers, whereas the Cage will only print on the pre-loaded paper).

Wednesday: I tried to make up for Tuesday, and I almost succeeded. This week we had to write another focus essay for Obsolescence as well as a proposal for the final, I had to finish my presentation and write the usual journal entry for Writing for the Arts and finish the project for Graphics. This meant that I barely had any free time.

I started packing for break that afternoon.

Graphics was mostly a critique of our projects. Mine went fairly well, though I have to redo some things and resubmit the project.

Thursday: I went to school a bit earlier than usual to finish and print stuff for Friday.

We talked more about paper options and decided which two to get.

Friday: This week's discussion took a decidedly science-y turn.

There were supposed to be two presentations as per usual in Writing for the Arts, but because the first one ran really long and we had to decide the show theme for the Wednesday class, I will be presenting in the first week after the break. And that theme is "No Hands". The theme that the Wednesday class decided for us is "Envelop(e)". When I first heard that we were going to do a show at the end of the year, I decided that whatever the theme, my submission would be photo-based because that's what I'm majoring in.

Saturday: I was not happy about waking up at 5:45 AM/4:45 EST--but because it was to catch the bus, it was worth it because I'd get to see my parents and cats earlier. And besides--I could snooze on the bus, which I did.

Mom and I talked the whole way home, as usual.

That evening, Tom had a couple of surprises for me: two books on opera. Although I have a kids' book about opera, I didn't have any grown-up books on the subject. One is a book of the synopses of the popular (repertoire) operas and the other is about the history behind those operas. I was about as excited as if he'd given me tickets to a performance at the Met.

Sunday: I'd planned to be productive, but those plans went out the window.

I spent Saturday and Sunday evenings watching La Bohème (the performance that the Met simulcast a few seasons ago)--and sobbing through the latter half of Act IV. I never want Mimì to die, and I always mutter, "no, no, no, no" at various points throughout that act, as though it'll change the ending. Unlike many other operas, La Bohème is very real to me: although they're fictional, Mimì, Rodolfo, Colline, Shaunard, Marcello and, yes, Musetta are my friends by the end--I relate to them. I love them all, and I know that if they were real people they would be my friends. So seeing one of of them die breaks my heart. It's the same every time, but I always come back for more.

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