Sunday, April 14, 2013

we're thisclose to the end

This week was the peak of the stress, but at last it's all over. It was one of those weeks where, if I were taking eighteen credits, I probably wouldn't have slept much.

Monday: We met at the Atrium at Saint Mary's University and then went to the university's data cave. Afterward, we went over to the Granville Campus and worked on our projects.

Tuesday: Welcome to the busiest day of the semester. I met with Anna at Port at ten that morning to go over my final piece for her class and then headed up to Granville where I worked on my paper for Obsolescence until my meeting with Bernadette to discuss my change in plans. When I initially split my course load, I split it twelve credits in the fall and six credits in the winter. Bernadette told me that because I'd be a part-time student in the winter, I would only get loan money for tuition--not other expenses. She advised that I split it nine and nine, which means doing all my history credits in the winter.

Afterward, I printed the test strips for my final for Reconfigured, which was my first time printing on matte paper EVER. This particular paper is about two or three times thicker than the regular Epson Enhanced Matte paper that both NSCAD and NBCCD stock.

Wednesday: I spent the afternoon doing everything that I needed to do that didn't get done on the weekend or Tuesday.

That evening we again split into groups and critiqued each others' work and then could leave. After class, I went to Staples to talk with them about printing my final project, which is a brochure of my work. I'm printing on legal-size paper in colour and double-sided (none of which I can do in the Photo Dept.).

Thursday: I met with NSCAD's registrar, Shawna, to discuss the changes in my plans. After my meeting with Bernadette, I'd moved the extra course that I was taking in the fall (Survey of Twentieth-Century Art) to the winter semester, and when Shawna and I went over my courses she was very happy with how I'd set it up and told me that I was "setting [myself] up for success." She agreed that my original plan of doing all eighteen credits in one semester would've been brutal (I'd been very worried about burnout). I came out of the meeting with a huge smile on my face. My graduation date is now officially Summer '14, meaning that a year from now I'll be doing my last set of finals and graduating with my BFA in Photography. It also means another year of reading about my shenanigans and adventures as a university student.

We spent the second half of class watching The Matrix. I'd found out a couple days prior when I'd met a classmate at OSAS that the final paper for Obsolescence was supposed to be 3,000 to 4,000 words long (Bob had made no mention of this). I only had 2,000 words (still a respectable number--and my longest college/university paper ever). I'd emailed Bob, and although he'd replied I wanted to talk with him about it in person, which we did after class. Afterward, I successfully found my way back to G-block from S-block (which has taken several tries that always ended in defeat, so this is a major accomplishment). I'm finally at a point where I feel reasonably comfortable navigating parts of the school that aren't G- or D-block (where Photo is). By the time I graduate, I should be completely adjusted to the maze that is Granville. The fact that all four of my classes are at that campus (currently--that could change, as was the case with Writing for the Arts, which was supposed to be in Granville until it got changed to Port) helps.

On my way home I stopped by the SuperStore to pick up stuff for the next day's potluck.

Friday: Yay for end-of-the-semester potluck brunches--and for meeting at ten instead of eight-thirty. One of my classmates--who was supposed to present last week, but didn't--presented, and we watched an episode of The Twilight Zone, which I'd heard about for years, but never actually seen. The episode? The Obsolete Man, of course!

Bob had brought a cake--with "Obsolete!" written on it. Us being photography majors, most of the class crowded around the cake, taking photos (because, honestly, how many times in your life are you going to see a cake with "obsolete" written on it?).

WftA had a potluck as well. Several of us (including me) read the journal entries that we had edited. You can read mine (about my journey from being a timid artist to one who's not afraid to use her art to stand up for what she believes in) here. When I was reading it, I couldn't help but think about how much it benefited from being read aloud. Anna told us tearfully about a couple of students who'd been raising funds for a new computer for her (her previous laptop was stolen).

In the evening, we had the closing of the WftA shows. I went home between class and the closing to eat supper and dump my backpack and then went back to Port. Here's the photo of my piece that I promised.

I spent the rest of the evening adding to my Obsolescence paper.

Saturday: Saturday is usually the day I spend at home, but this time I spent part of the afternoon at NSCAD, printing my final for Reconfigured and giving my final for Graphics a once-over. Once I got home, I spent some time cleaning my room and then finished off the Obsolescence paper--for real this time. The whole time, I listened to Die Walküre, and was reminded just how awesome that opera is (something I keep forgetting). I'm not a Ring-head, but Walküre is almost enough to convert me. Almost.

Sunday: Today I didn't have much to do. I finished the project that I'd photographed for the WftA show (sealing all those envelopes--I just have to mail them now), proofread the paper for Obsolescence, watched an episode of a New Zealand TV show that I've been watching on YouTube (The Secret Lives of Dancers, which is about the Royal New Zealand Ballet company) and read a bunch of the tabs that have been accumulating in Firefox since at least January (college/university = very little time to read).

Mom will be coming over on Tuesday to help me pack and then we're outta here next Friday.

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