Friday, May 15, 2009

good to be back

My computer's back (it was at the shop for about a week) and I'm finally getting caught up on my favourite blogs here on Blogger. The problem was something to do with the brain--I can't remember what exactly.

As a result I'm only just now posting photos that I shot during my computer's downtime to Flickr. I've really outdone myself.

Mom and I went to a concert of the Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. When they were first formed in '07, Mom tried to talk me into joining (I play violin). At the time I wasn't interested, but after the concert I wanted to join. I love playing music and in the past I've enjoyed playing with others.

After the concert I talked with some of the musicians (who said that they really need violins and that they'd like to have more Canadians so that the ratio of Canadians to Americans is more even).

When I emailed Lynn to tell her about it, she emailed back telling me to not do it. I got the email the next day and although I wasn't too upset in the beginning--I just kinda shrugged it off--by the afternoon I was so upset that I cried a couple of times.

I forwarded the emails to Mom and she told me to just go for it--no matter what Lynn said, no matter what ANYONE said. Thanks, Mom!

This Sunday is Constitution Day in Norway and since we have a Norwegian Forest Cat we're celebrating. I made cookies this afternoon (and had to force myself to stop eating them). Tomorrow: soup and cake. I'm also learning the Norwegian national anthem.

Next week marks one year since the André Gallant/Freeman Patterson photography workshop that I took. I plan on posting a photo or two every day from that week on Flickr.

PS The colours in the photo that I posted (called Pink Tulip) are a lot more intense on Flickr. Hmmmmm.......

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