Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fall Colours
An oldie from last year

I'M HOME!!!! Mom picked me up at school yesterday afternoon and I gave her a quick tour (she's been there before but she didn't know which classrooms I used), and showed her the old elevator with a ghost story (which currently doesn't work because one or other of the doors isn't closed all the way).

I didn't check the news until after I got here so I was in for a serious shock when Tom told me that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. While I'm very happy for him, I think it's too early to start awarding him something like that--he's only been in office for a little less than nine months. They should've waited a few years.

We have a new cat, named Baxter. He's named after Gov. Percival Proctor Baxter, "who gave Baxter State Park to the people of Maine," (from an email from Mom) which makes it an appropriate name for a Maine coon. My parents adopted him last month and the other cats have really taken to him (probably because he's a six-month-old kitten). And as I say, he's cute with a capitol C-U-T-E! He doesn't talk much but loves to play with a laser pointer and run through the house with some of the other cats.

The Maine coon is the state cat of Maine. Massachusets and Maryland also have state cats (tabby and calico cats, respectively).

Last night I stayed up too late dancing (the last time I looked at a clock that night it said 12:45). ...and screaming, and crying (I've been away from a quality sound system for too long--my computer's speakers don't compare). The pièce de résistance was probably the Prelude from Das Rhinegold, played by the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra this past spring (I recorded it off the radio). That piece has a really strong horn part and when I played it for the first time in a month and a half, I almost broke down because I'd forgotten just how magnificent the MOO's horn section is (that piece calls for eight horns).

It feels so surreal to be home. Last night I kept expecting to see my desk, bed, window, etc., at MJC--I had to keep reminding myself that I'm at the family home.

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