Saturday, April 24, 2010

first year of college = DONE!!

Yesterday was the last day of classes. Yes, I can finally say it: I MADE IT THROUGH MY FIRST YEAR AT ART SCHOOL!!

Since it was the last day I decided to treat myself and have breakfast out, so that meant that I could leave MJC later.

I got my passport photos taken during lunch. And after Photography (my last class) I finally submitted my portfolio! Yay!

Okay, let's back up a bit: last Sunday I came down with a cold (I probably got it either at A. school, B. the bus, or C. somewhere in the Regent Mall), so that shifted my schedule around a bit: I'd planned to develop some photos in the NBCCD darkroom on Monday, but I was so sick that day that I decided to do it Tuesday afternoon, since I just had my Drawing assessment that day.

On Wednesday I had my assessment for 3D Design, which I just barely passed, and then presentation of my final Colour Theory project. In between the two I worked on a card for the teachers, which I left in the library taped to the mailboxes the next day.

Thursday was my final History class, which was more of a group meeting with Janice, with all of us discussing the past year and how far we've come, and our hopes for next year (including the expansion of NBCCD into the old soldier's barracks in front of the school).

Back to Friday afternoon. Mom met me as I was finishing up and getting ready to submit the portfolio. We then went to MJC to pack up (which took about three hours), and then over to UNB to hand in my keys.

And then we drove home (I drove part-way).

Here are my plans for this summer:

  • Get a job. (Done.)
  • Relax.
  • Take violin lessons?
  • Go to PBSO concerts (there's one coming up on Mothers' Day that I can't wait for).
  • Transcribe the version of The Hunters' Chorus that's on Metropolitan Opera Brass
  • Get up in the middle of the night and stargaze at least once.
  • Read.
  • Go swimming at the Milltown pool at least once.
  • Photograph.
  • Make a collage.
  • Compose a piece of music that's been going around in my head for about five years.
This will be the last blog post that will be emailed until next fall. I'll still be writing, but I won't email my posts to the people I know and love.



  1. You're writing music? Cool!

    Anna, it's Tori. Hope you have a good summer!
    You should check out my photos, mmk?

  2. What are you up to?! What else have you crossed off of your to do list!!??