Saturday, April 10, 2010

visual art + performing art = happieness

Things are finally winding down after one heck of a whirlwind year. In most of my classes we're currently in the middle of final projects. I finally started putting my portfolio together yesterday (a portfolio is required to get into second year). I was surprised at how much I already had--meaning, less to print from the school computers.

Part of the portfolio shows which studios you are applying for (first and second choice). Up until a few days ago my second choice was Jewellery/Metal Arts. But as I was enjoying a few more minutes of shut-eye (I was half-awake) on Thursday morning, it came to me: I had more fun doing graphics then I'm having doing jewellery. I'm enjoying jewellery to an extent (it's to the point where I'm thinking about taking some more courses sometime), but it's not something that I can see myself doing if I get into studio #2 instead of #1. Graphics is more me, anyways. But just to clarify things, photography is still Number One. I'm reminded of that every time I step into NBCCD's photography studio.

NBCCD has a new website (same address, different look, probably some updated info). It's in my list of favourite sites on the left, and if you haven't had a look at it already, you should.

Exactly one month from today will mark one year since my first PBSO concert. I can't help but think about how much has happened in one year: my desire to join the orchestra was met with disaster, which turned into a wonderful concert, which turned into another wonderful concert (though it was about as cold as the second concert was warm) that ended with me declaring the orchestra one of my favourites. This Mothers' Day Mom and I are going to what will be my fourth(!!!!) PBSO concert. That's more times than I've seen André Rieu live (his total is three).

For the past few days I've been dancing to the finale from The Firebird, which the PBSO performed at their first concert in St. Stephen (my first PBSO concert). Every time I listen to that piece I think of that orchestra, and every step is for them.

And to top things off, as of last Friday I have a favourite French hornist: Scott Brubaker, who's one of the MOO's hornists. Mom and Tom gave me an MP3 of his recording, Brahms French Horn Sonatas for Easter (I asked for it early so that I'd be able to enjoy it all weekend). I've been dancing to the second track, the Allegro Appassionato from the Sonata in E Flat Major, Op. 120, No. 2. It's one of those pieces that I love to immerse myself in and have some serious fun with. Most of the time I'm doing it with a huge smile on my face--the exception is the slow part (the second movement is divided into three parts: two parts that are fairly brisk, with a slower part in the middle), which is unbelievably beautiful. The French horn truly is one of my favourite instruments--thanks, Scott.

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