Sunday, October 31, 2010

who's got the coolest studio?!

Assessment Week continued this week: because my Communication for Visual Artists class is a week behind the other classes because we're on Monday and missed a class due to Labour Day, we didn't have assessments until this week. Karen lost her list of who had assessments at which time so although mine was at 10:15, I had to wait for about half an hour until I went in. It went really well, though it was one of the unique ones: not only did we talk about my work in the class (which is very good), but we also talked about art and I showed her my mom's website (like WhiteFeather before her, Karen loved Mom's site)--and I raved about Adam's work for the umpteenth time (I'm not shutting up any time soon--especially while his work is hanging in the school gallery).

The next afternoon (3:00) I had an assessment for my lighting and Digital Imaging classes. Those went well, too. In the morning I had Film and Darkroom Techniques, which is usually on Thursday afternoons. Last week we took photos with Bronica ETRSi's, which are medium-format (takes 120 film) cameras. When I was taking photos with mine I couldn't help but notice how beautifully it focused: when I put my DSLR on manual focus I usually have to fiddle with it for longer than I want to to get the focus to where it should be--and even then I'm not sure if it's perfectly focused. With the Bronica I knew exactly when it was focused. Why can't all cameras be like that??

On Wednesday I did my presentation for Creativity in Photography. My partner, Emily, and I had chosen Jane Fulton Alt. When I was looking at her work I noticed the photos that she did in reaction to the BP oil spill, which had been covered by just about every major news site as well as environmental sites like Greenpeace (they had a contest inspired by the photos, challenging people to come up with photos protesting the spill).

After the presentation we set up the darkroom as a haunted house. Most of the studios did something (Ceramics didn't, and Textiles said they weren't, but they were lying. Graphics did the same thing they'd done for several years--ahem.). We were competing against each other for a five-hundred-dollar prize and yes, we spied on each other.

I just had one class on Thursday (I usually have two, but since my assessment with Rod was on Tuesday and I'd had my Thursday afternoon Darkroom class on Tuesday morning, I was free as of noon), though since Karen was away that day, we didn't really have a class: just pass things in to Drew and then work on whatever needed to be done (I finished and submitted my HDR assignment for my Photoshop class, since it was due the next day).

We had a Halloween pizza party on Friday at noon, complete with a self-serve candy bar, scary music (including Thriller), and a costume contest (I can't remember who won). And we found out who won the studio decorating contest: the (get ready for this) first-year Photography studio!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was beyond excited.

Last night was the haunted house at Maggie Jean Chestnut Residence. This was our tenth year so we went all-out with a carnival/circus theme. This year I wasn't the least bit scared when I went on the tour (I was last year, mostly because I didn't know what the heck I was getting myself into). I have no idea how much we raised for the F'ton Food Bank (the house charity), but someone will probably say something or post it on Facebook. Last year was our best up to that point.

Ani DiFranco's coming to the Playhouse on November tenth--and I'm going to be there (Drew also said that he and his wife have tix)! She was supposed to play there last year but the concerts were cancelled. I've been listening to her music a lot for the last few days and I really like her style.

Happy Halloween!

Both of these are from her latest CD, Red Letter Year, which was released in '08.

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