Sunday, September 15, 2013

never a dull moment during the first week of class

First week of my fourth year of college or university--done. And already I'm thankful that I didn't do the full eighteen credits. It would've been too much, and even now I'd probably be stressed out and unable to do a blog post (which I look forward to every week).

Monday: I putzed around the apartment and did some cooking.

Tuesday: More putzing, grocery shopping and prepping for the next day.

Wednesday: My last first day of school--for a while, anyway. And it was an intense one, as the course is all day (9:00 - 5:00), which allows us to cover the content in depth. The majority of the class was devoted to reading a chapter from Man's Search for Meaning and then discussing it. First days are always interesting, so I spent an hour or two reading the wrong thing without realizing it (the first chapter from Of Cigarettes and High Heels, which is also on the syllabus). I finally clued into that fact, and started reading what I was supposed to be reading all along--which was a hundred pages long (we were all suffering--why must the first day of class always be so brutal?). I didn't finish the reading by the time we discussed it. I wonder how many of us managed to do that.

I read some more from the chapter that evening.

Thursday: I spent way more time downtown that day than I'd planned to.

I also had a question for Adrian, so I stopped by his office.

I mailed the Confirmation of Earnings form for my student loan, which took a while to do: the first time I tried, the power went off as soon as I entered the drug store where the Canada Post branch nearest to the school is, so I had to go back out again. I waited outside NSCAD for the power to come back on (all of Halifax was out, including all the traffic lights). When it did, I went back to Adrian's office (he'd been meeting with a student at the time I first showed up, and asked me to come back in about fifteen minutes). I got my question answered and then went back to the post office and mailed my COE.

The FireWire 800 port on my laptop has never worked properly, and I'd wanted to take it to the Mac repair place downtown since discovering the problem, but due to my fifteen-credit workload last year I didn't have the time to do so. The guy I talked to asked me to bring my computer, external hard drive and FireWire cable in the next day. So much for staying put for the next few days...

Friday: I went back to the Mac place, this time with my computer. I found out that it was still under warranty (I'd been concerned about that, as Tom and I had cracked open the bottom in order to put in more RAM). I also found out that taking the bottom off the computer doesn't void the warranty--it's an old wives' tale, though I think the guy said that it used to be true. Some info refuses to die... As of that day, the computer was under warranty for another week. He had a look, tried a few things, and determined that it could be the logic board, which he would order (and which would be insanely expensive if the computer was no longer under warranty).

Afterward, I checked out a local record store--and bought a couple CDs for a really good price (one by the Bergen Philharmonic and one by the Berlin Philharmonic that Amazon reviewers seem to either like or dislike, with very little grey area. It's not the best CD that I've ever bought, but it's decent. The Bergen Philharmonic CD, on the other hand, is spectacular.). I then went to my favourite café and spent the rest of the day doing the reading for APC and working on the first presentation, which is about my influences.

Saturday: More putzing around the apartment, plus competing with others on my floor for the washer and dryer (while every floor has its own laundry room, there's only one washer/dryer set per floor). I spent the afternoon doing homework with my roommate.

Sunday: I finally finished the readings for APC and have mostly finished the presentation.

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