Sunday, September 22, 2013

ups and downs

Compared to the first week, this past week was super-easy--so easy, in fact, that I'm currently homework-less. I'm trying to enjoy it, though, as I know the semester's going to pick up once I start my independent project.

Monday: I put the final touches on the presentation for APC.

Tuesday: The big errand day. I got a new logic board put in my computer--which ended up not solving my problems. Turns out, my almost-three-years-old LaCie Rugged hard drive is dying (the FireWire is extremely cantankerous, and has been for about a year). I then paid the internet and phone bill--my first bill (kid's growing up). When I (finally) got home, I transferred all the files to my new hard drive.

That evening we had the first general assembly of the year, which consisted of SUNSCAD bylaw changes, ratifying new student union exec members and updates.

Wednesday: We discussed the reading, and then the second half of class was devoted to presentations. Mine went extremely well. Here's a screen shot of everything that I included, in case anyone's curious (all items had their own slide, complete with picture).

Thursday: The reading for this week was extremely easy--especially since A. I read it in Intro Photo last year and B. I'd spent a couple hours reading it instead of the chapter that I should've been reading during the first class. I'm currently having problems accessing the NSCAD proxy server on my computer off-campus, so I did the reading in one of the school's computer labs. That lab has the new iMacs (the super-thin ones, which sadly lack an optical drive, making me really glad that I own an external one because when I eventually get an iMac, I'll probably need to supply said optical drive myself, as I'm not about to live without one--CDs and DVDs aren't obsolete yet, Apple!), which was a bit of an experience when I turned the computer that I used around to plug in my earbuds. This is what the left side of my Late '11 MacBook Pro looks like. And this is what the back of the computer that I did the reading on looks like (when the guy who put the new logic board in my laptop talked about how FireWire is on the way out, my first thought was of my final focus essay for Questions of Obsolescence. If I were to write the essay now, that would probably be in it.) I mentioned the proxy server problem to the security guard, and he said that the IT guy would be in the next day (reason #1,000 why security guards are awesome).

Friday: I went back to the school that afternoon, but I'd missed the guy by about half an hour. I waited around for a bit, but he didn't come back, so I went back to my apartment after a good chat with the security guard (those people are usually up for a good chat: being a security guard is one of the most boring jobs in the world--in fact, a boring day is a good day).

Saturday: Yesterday was extremely slow, due to no homework and very few errands that needed to be run (just an emergency run to the supermarket to get more garbage bags).

Sunday: Today has been the day from hell, for reasons that I won't go into here. Don't even ask. All I will say is that I can't wait for the day to be over.

I discovered this piano version of In the Hall of the Mountain King a few days ago. It's pretty awesome. You're welcome.

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