Saturday, October 24, 2009

midterms: how the week went down

I've been thinking about writing this for a couple of days and I think I'm finally ready to rehash it all.

Last Friday: Media Explorations--Ceramics (which is code for clay):
This was one of the best. I'm not surprised: in Media Explorations you're just trying out whatever it is (fashion, ceramics, photography, whatev). So if I made a mistake or something didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, so what? I learned something, and that's what matters.

Only thing was, I was coming down with a cold, so I was happy to leave two hours early--but not before thanking Nancy for what she taught me.

Tuesday: Communication and Student Success (a.k.a. Communications):
Also very good. This one (like ceramics) was in class format--we didn't have appointments (unlike some others). I was first, so after a chat with Whitefeather I basically had nothing to do for the rest of the class. I filled the time by reading most of the material for the next reaction paper.

Drawing from Observation (a.k.a. Drawing):
Fairly good: there were a few assignments that for whatever reason didn't get done (I didn't write them down or whatever). But overall it was okay. This one was in appointment form.

Wednesday: History of Visual Culture: Pre-History to 1600 (a.k.a. History):
Fairly good: there's one assignment that I still have to hand in.

Creative Process:
From here on in things start to go downhill and it all has to do with putting in the effort. Just when I think I'm doing okay I get slapped with a D. **wince** I'm really going to have to pull myself up--I realize that.

Thursday: 2D Design:
See Creative Process.

This one was particularly painful. I knew it was going to be, and I'd braced myself, but it still hurt--to the point where I was almost in tears and I couldn't bring myself to look John in the eye, I felt so miserable.

Monday is the panel assessment, which means that the students have to put on a mini-show of sorts: you're given a certain amount of space and half an hour to set up. Then you have to talk about the work you've produced over the past seven weeks. I admit I'm a bit nervous, though I don't think I should be--I'm used to performing (eight years of violin lessons, anyone?).

Today marks two weeks until the Met's simulcast of Turandot, which I'm insanely excited about. The next day the BSO's performing a concert and one of the pieces that's on the programme is Beethoven's violin concerto, which I love dearly. I wish I could go to both, but I think that might be a bit too much for me: both my favourite orchestras in twenty-four hours. Yikes. I'm a strong woman, but I do have my limits. Violins! French horns! **swoons**

Plus, Bangor's one-hundred and ninety-two kilometres/one-hundred and nineteen miles away. Shoot.....

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