Monday, October 26, 2009

panel assessment day

Today was the panel assessment. I was up at six-thirty because I didn't take a shower last night.

I had to be there by nine to set up (I was on the fourth floor), but I left about ten minutes earlier then I'd planned so I arrived at school really early. That was okay because I ended up rushing around like crazy, bringing up my pottery from the basement and trying to find a drawing that I'd handed in last Tuesday (I had a look at the back and I got a good mark on it--though I can't remember what the number was).

After setting up I was free until my assessment, which was at 11:10. I passed the time by checking my email and various websites and then got a café mocha at Read's.

The assessment itself was easier and more relaxed then I'd expected. Sure, everyone said to relax and that it wasn't the worst thing in the world, but I was still nervous--even with all the prep, I still didn't know what to expect.

Harriet Taylor (Surface Design studio head) and I talked about the work that I'd set out and about how I'm doing, my experience at the college so far, and how to make things work so that I can succeed. Like the fact that I'm getting grades that are so bad I don't know how to describe them in both Creative Process and 2D Design. I want to do well in those courses and they're a lot of fun, but as I put it this morning, although I'm learning stuff, my grades don't show it.

She told me that at the end of the day the teachers have a meeting and discuss how the students are doing and that since Adam's my academic advisor, he can advocate for me and see what he can do to make my academic life a bit easier.

Afterwards I went to the bank to get some money for the concert I'm going to with some friends on Halloween at Crumbs Café (they don't accept debit). Then I went to the SuperStore to develop the photos for one of my projects for school. I was supposed to develop them as thumbnails: all the photos on one sheet of paper, along with three of them developed as five-by-sevens, but the machines don't do that anymore so I developed them as four-by-sixes.

After that I went back to school, got my stuff, and went home. And had a late lunch/early supper (take your pick). Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind...

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