Friday, October 30, 2009

This is Halloween

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm excited about Halloween. Like, really excited about Halloween. I've always seen the holiday as something for little kids--where I live, all the trick-or-treaters are well under five feet tall, and starting at about age twelve I felt like a giant (I'm 5'4").

Here in Fredericton, everyone gets dressed up: not just five-year-olds, but teens and people who are old enough to be my parents and it's really sent me for a loop. Yes, Seventeen always has an article or two about Halloween costumes in their October issue, but for me there wasn't any point in dressing up: trick-or-treating was for little kids, and I'm not the party type and didn't know of any events/parties in the area.

Tonight MJC is having a haunted house (which I've been looking forward to pretty much since the moment I moved in) and the proceeds are going to the Fredericton food bank. A lot (if not all) of the residences have stuff going on. Harrison House has a pumpkin sacrifice tomorrow night, which is the oldest residence tradition in Canada.

Last night I helped Sally and Andrea (hall proctor) make caramel apples. They'll be selling them at the haunted house, also to raise money for the food bank. Some of the apples are plain ol' caramel, but others were also rolled in trail mix (the junk kind, with candy), Reese's Pieces, crushed cookies (I think), or marshmallows (which I thought looked like mould). and some of those were drizzled with chocolate. Oh. My. Gosh.

Today NBCCD had a party and costume contest in the design room (where I have 2D Design) and although I didn't plan on it, I ended up going after Media Explorations, which I had this morning (Fashion, which is conveniently located on the same floor as the Design Studio). Not many students wore costumes to school.

Tomorrow night will be a late one, since several of us are going to Crumbs Café--Aaron, one of the guys who lives at MJC, plays bass in Coffee Shop Affair (one of four bands that will be playing).

My Creative Process teacher, Denise, is a huge Tim Burton fan, so this one's for her:

And A Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia (one of my all-time favourite movies):


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